California Inmate Fulfillment Center

About Us





1 Stop Value Pack, is a family-owned and operated approved inmate care packaging vendor, that provides care packages for inmates currently in California facilities. At 1 Stop Value Pack, we understand the importance of ensuring a loved one who is incarcerated is taken care of and has access to products familiar to them when they are home.

We are committed to providing excellent customer service and strive to make your shopping experience as easy and convenient as possible. Our online store carries a wide selection of name-brand items that inmates need and love. From snacks and hygiene items to electronics, we have something for everyone.

Our Vision: To create a secure and user-friendly platform that offers families a seamless shopping experience with a variety of brand-name products at competitive prices, and a passionate team to provide support services from the top down.

Outreach Program

Our team is passionate about helping inmates and their families thrive. Through our network of partners, we are supporting families with an incarcerated loved one (father, mother, son, daughter) through shared resources for food, clothing, school supplies for children, and professional and business development opportunities for re-entry inmates and household adults.

We are proud to be a familyowned and operated business and are committed to providing inmates with the quality care packages they deserve.



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